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Botswana Flag - introduction
The National Flag of Botswana is a light blue field with a horizontal white-edged black stripe in the center
Botswana Flag - Colors
Blue: (RGB: 117, 170, 219) (hex code: #75AADB)
Black: (RGB: 0, 0, 0) (hex code: #000000)
White: (RGB: 255, 255, 255) (hex code: #FFFFFF)
Botswana Flag - Colors meaning & symbolism
Blue symbolizes water and the life it sustains
Black band with the white frame stands for the harmony and cooperation between the people of different races who live in Botswana
Botswana Flag - Facts
Estonia flag also has the same colors - blue, white and black (see blue, black and white flags)

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Botswana Flag - Images | Pictures
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