Botswana flag colors symbolism
    Botswana flag colors meaning
    Light blue symbolizes water in the form of rain and the life it sustains
    The Black band with the white edges symbolizes the racial harmony between the people of African and European descent and the racial diversity of the country. It also reminds of zebra, the national animal of Botswana
    Presidential Standard of Botswana

    Botswana flag
    Botswana President's flag
    Presidential Standard of Botswana consists of a light blue field charged with a black-rimmed white circle containing the coat of arms of Botswana in the center. The coat of arms depicts a shield supported by two zebras. On the top portion of the shield are three cogwheels that represent industry. Below the cogwheels are three waves, symbolizing water. At the bottom of the shield is the head of a bull, which symbolises the importance of cattle herding in Botswana. The two zebras also symbolise the importance of wildlife, through tourism, in the national economy . Also, zebra have black and white stripes which represent equality of people of all colors in Botswana. The zebra on the right holds an ear of sorghum, an important crop in the nation. The zebra on the left holds a tusk of ivory, symbolic of the former ivory trade in Botswana. There is also view that ivory tusk represents wild life preservation. The motto of the nation, pula, which means "rain", is at the bottom of the coat of arms on a blue ribbon.
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    Botswana flag

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